Graphic Design

Our team will work with you to create a “brand”, which is an image that identifies a product, and over time, differentiates it from its competitors. The brand becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality and satisfaction. A brand often begins with a sign, symbol, words or a combination of these, resulting in a unique design that will come to mind when consumers think of your community.

Your brand’s image is the impression in the consumer’s mind of your community’s personality, real and imaginary qualities, strengths and shortcomings. A brand image is developed over time through marketing and advertising campaigns with a consistent theme and is authenticated through the consumer’s direct experiences with your community.

Your brand will also create a corporate identity, which will make a visual statement about your community and communicates your business philosophy. Your identity includes varying elements, such as name, slogan, website, print materials, uniforms, etc.

A key consideration for your brand is where you want to be in the future, not just today. Our creative team will create a brand that connects with people. We will identify the elements that makes your community a great place to live, and bring that to life by crafting a powerful and engaging brand that adds tremendous value to your business.

Highlights for Your Success

Logo Design
Business Cards
Sales Presentation Folders
Printed Sales Materials 
(Floorplans, rate sheets, community info, care services…)

Monthly Newsletters
Monthly Activity & Event Calendars
Flyers for Special Events
Signage – Interior and Exterior
Customized Name-tags