Active Lifestyles

The residents of each Canopy Lifestyles senior living residence experience opportunities for fulfillment of social, spiritual and educational interaction. Additionally, they enjoy opportunities to enrich their lives, and others within the local community at large. Our residents give to others by volunteering their time, talents and services all in an effort to enrich the lives of those around them. Such services include hospital and skilled nursing facility visitations for their neighbors, offering assistance to others through worthwhile programs such as Meals on Wheels, hosting a prayer group, and volunteering for fundraising efforts that support worthwhile causes, including charities and mission services.

Canopy Lifestyles residents have countless personal opportunities to experience visual and musical arts. Our senior living residences support and embrace both artists and those who appreciate their achievements. We embrace all skill levels and interests of artists and their admirers.

Canopy Lifestyles understands the diverse interests of our residents and we offer educational programs that include stimulating lecture series such as history, art, health and wellness, world affairs and environmental awareness.

We create events that promote physical wellness, including year-round water therapies, such as lap swimming, therapies and aerobic classes that are suited to a variety of needs and physical abilities. We offer stimulating exercise and stretch classes, tai chi, yoga and Pilates. Guided walking clubs are scheduled throughout the week.

Canopy Lifestyles senior living residences provide a variety of social activities, such as new resident welcome receptions, birthday celebrations, special entertainment events, and themed dinner events in our elegant dining venues.

We offer and support numerous opportunities for our residents to experience personal fulfillment by providing volunteer services that genuinely make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Canopy Lifestyles supports our resident's abilities to maintain and enhance their quality of life in significant ways and encourage their participation in the overall life of our senior living residences.