The Right Expertise In Senior Living Communities

We stabilize and grow your assets through managed communication, organization and training.

We are a curated collection of senior living communities that
are reflective of the local communities we serve and inspired
by local connections. We understand that our healthcare
community and senior advocacy agencies face unique
challenges, and we are here to support you and those you

Our communities offer a variety of services, including prompt
response times, onsite leadership, flexible same day
assessments for quick move-in, short-term stays & support
assistance to help the aging population.

We are frequently present in each of our communities and
are easily accessible by our team members, and our residents
and their loved ones. Our core operating principles are client-
focused, results oriented and highlight transparent
communication. We are committed to balancing our clients’
objectives with the operational needs of each property.

We are available 24/7 to assist with placement services, pre-
move-in assessments, health and wellness planning and offer
same day move-in services for anyone who requires prompt

  • "Canopy Senior Living offers a personalized approach that's second to none. Their team members are always accessible, making us feel like family."
  • "Canopy Senior Living truly cares about the local community they serve. Their commitment to client-focused and transparent communication is evident in all they do."
  • "The onsite leadership at Canopy Senior Living is exceptional. They truly understand the unique challenges faced by our healthcare community and provide unwavering support."
  • "Canopy Senior Living made the transition seamless. Their prompt response and same-day move-in services were remarkable."
  • "I can't thank Canopy Senior Living enough for their quick and efficient support assistance. They made a significant difference in my loved one's life."
  • "Canopy Senior Living's commitment to results-oriented operations ensures that our loved ones receive the best care possible."
  • "Choosing Canopy Senior Living was the best decision we made for our family. Their flexible same-day assessments eased our minds during a challenging time."
  • "The team at Canopy Senior Living genuinely understands the needs of the aging population. Their services have brought comfort and joy to our loved one's life."
  • "We are grateful for Canopy Senior Living's dedication to the local community. Their curated collection of senior living communities reflects the heart and soul of each neighborhood."
  • "Prompt placement was crucial for my family member's well-being. Canopy Senior Living's 24/7 availability and pre-move-in assessments made it possible."

“Creating a personalized assisted care experience that builds trust, empathy and emphasizes professionalism is a cornerstone of Canopy.”